Electric Lighter

This Electric Lighter is the perfect accessory for any candle lover. No flame, no butane - just simple electricity. You'll never need to buy another lighter again! Just recharge when necessary using the included USB charging cable.

Durable, safe, and easy to use! Just push the button to ignite the electric arc.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Candle Tool

I love this thing! Now I can do away with matches to light my candles. No more little broken black tips falling into my candle or worse onto the floor.

Good product and service; responsible packaging

Lighter works great for igniting recessed candles. Much faster than butane, easier and safer too! Shipping was quick. Packaging stands out with the use of easily recycled (or easily reusable) paper materials.

Electric Lighter

As advertised - perfect, nice to no longer need to use matches or butane lighters - way better for the environment - what you would expect candle lovers to use. Oh and the customer service from this company is second to no one, Great company.

Electric Lighter

I wasn’t sure if I would like an electric lighter, but wanted to give it a try because of its convenience. It’s great! I like it - simple to use and I love that it has an easy slide safety lock feature. Thinking of buying more as gifts!

Thank you very much for your review, Jenny! We are very happy to hear you are enjoying your Electric Lighter

Lighter from heaven

This was a completely random purchase that will now be my go to for EVERYTHING. I'm giving out as many of these to friends and family as I can birthdays, wedding, house warming you name it. We have been using it non stop! No more losing the lighters, no more empty clicks hoping to get just one more flame out of it. No more matchstick smell covering up your candle scent. This lighter is easy, safe, and hella effective. We haven't had to charge it in the month we've had it. Idk if it will ever die. Its super safe! The long handle reaches easily into any candle holder even when you've hit the very bottom. (No half burning your finger trying to get the right angle!) Turning it on requires sliding a lever up to get to the button so no accidently pressing the button and zapping yourself. AND even if you manage to zap yourself its just like a mild zing (we tried it cause why not). I'm telling you this is one of those random things you might not need, but after you get it you'll never want to be without!

Hi Whitley! Thank you for your wonderful review. We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your Electric Lighter.