Sustainability is more than a goal

We care a great deal about our environmental impact. For us, sustainability is just the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing to do. But it takes work and we're never "done". Eliminating waste is an ongoing process and a daily commitment to finding green initiatives that work—for us and the planet. 

Reducing Waste where we can

  • A cardboard box up cycled into packing material

    Cardboard Upcycling

    We were already recycling cardboard waste but wanted to find a way to reduce or eliminate it entirely. Our new cardboard shredder turns used shipping boxes into candle packing material for your ecommerce orders!

  • A game of scrabble being played with a leftovers candle


    Made with hand-poured layers of our scented 100% natural soy wax “leftover” at the end of a production run, our waste-reducing candles are a fun (and great-smelling) way to go green. They're also our best selling candle!

How your candle is made matters

  • Burn Time

  • 100% Soy

  • Other Waxes

  • Handmade

Us: 9oz | 60+ hours | $21

Them: 14.5oz | 25+ hours | $25


Long last candles are another way we work toward reducing waste. Our candles routinely last longer than store-bought candles twice their size. Less materials used but longer burn time? Yes, please!

Our candles are 100% Soy. When you buy a "soy" or "soy blend" candle that doesn't mean it is 100% soy. Candle makers add all kinds of things to their soy to lower costs. Soy is a renewable resource and we only use 100% soy in our candles

Other candle makers use parrafin (a byproduct of petroleum). While this is a natural resource it is not very renewable. There are a wide range of studies discussing the potential harm of parrafin wax. Our candles are vegan, leaving the bees with their wax.

Handmade also means no machines. Not only is the quality and consistency better because of how we make our candles, but we use for less electricity than candle manufacturers with their automated machines.

a kalamazoo candle being compared to another candle showing longer burn time
Image showing clean white wax of 100% soy.
Image showing 3 lavender candles on a clean table.
Hand lighting a cucumber candle with a match.