Sustainability is more than a goal

We care a great deal about our environmental impact. For us, sustainability is just the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing to do. But it takes work and we're never "done". Eliminating waste is an ongoing process and a daily commitment to finding green initiatives that work—for us and the planet. 

Jars, tins & lids

We proudly pour our candles into containers that are American-made, recyclable, and repurposable. Our Wood Lid Return Program reclaims used candle lids and puts them back to work.


Made with hand-poured layers of our scented 100% natural soy wax “leftover” at the end of a production run, our waste-reducing candles are a fun (and great-smelling) way to go green.

Fire Starters

Our newest sustainability initiative turns candle making waste into good times. Made from excess 100% natural soy wax and paper towels, our scented fire starters will light up any campfire.


We were already recycling cardboard waste but wanted to find a way to reduce or eliminate it entirely. Our new cardboard shredder turns used shipping boxes into candle packing material!


Wood shipping pallets pose a sustainability challenge to any manufacturing business. We've partnered with a local craftsman and a disability services organization to reuse and repurpose this resource.

Keeping it local

We work hard to forge relationships with local suppliers and source American-made materials. Vessels, wood lids, wax, wicks, fragrance oils, labels, boxes… it’s all made right here.

"I didn’t have a strong background in sustainable practices. Kalamazoo Candle has taught me more than I originally brought to the table."

— Adam McFarlin, Owner/Founder