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8 Best Floral Scented Candles For Spring Vibes

Updated May 2024

When you can't frolic in a field speckled with pastel botanicals and pick a perky bouquet for the coffee table, floral scented candles offer the next best thing. 

Why Floral Scented Candles Rule

Floral scented candles are often created with other non-flower-inspired scents that help create a more powerful, balanced aromatic experience. Think light, delicate flora grounded by the warm, cozy essence of earth or uplifted with a zesty splash of citrus. 

On our hunt for the best floral candle scents, we looked for fully rounded fragrances that give spring candle vibes—all made with 100% non-toxic and vegan candle ingredients

So here are 8 of the best floral scented candles that are sure to have enough sizzle to tap into all your senses this spring. 

8 Floral Scented Candles To Bring Spring Vibes To Your Space

1. Smitten Candle

floral scented candles
  • Inspired By: Your first crush. The little love notes you used to tuck away into pants pockets and binders. The butterflies in your stomach when you finally decided to say, "hi." 
  • Smells Like: A swirl of creamy vanilla-kissed flowers and invigorating citrus. 

If you could distill the word "enamored" into a candle, this dreamy blend would be it. This delightful concoction brings together the flirty fun of spring with the energizing newness of the earth as it wakes up from hibernation. 

2. Moroccan Rose Candle

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  • Inspired by: Casablanca nights. Lantern-lit streets where the crisp plucks of wooden lutes and disco collide. Smoky eyes and glowing fires. 
  • Smells like: Persian rose and mimosa blossoms in a Mediterranean breeze paired against rich earthy forest and flame. 

They say some like it hot—this exotic floral scented candle keeps things extra toasty. The spellbinding Moroccan Rose Candle is where moldering spice, swoon-worthy florals, and buoyant Bergamot converge to melt away any lingering winter chill. 

3. Lavender Candle

best floral candles
  • Inspired by: Timeless class and elegance. Warm baths drizzled with soothing oils and sprinkled with soft petals. Deep inhales and cleansing exhales. 
  • Smells like: French lavender and sophisticated sandalwood, sweetly warmed by the spice of peppercorn. 

This is genuinely an aroma fit for royalty. Soothing, feminine lavender mingles with notes of warm, masculine woods to create a relaxing yet sophisticated scent. It's the perfect way to set an atmosphere of luxury. 

4. White Tea & Ginger Candle

floral scent candle
  • Inspired By: Your favorite cozy mug. Elegant swirls of herbal steam. A warm sweater on a chilly morning. 
  • Smells Like: A symphony of botanical herbs, delicate florals, and bright ginger. 

Peaceful and fragrant, this mellow floral scented candle combines the gentle sweetness of new blooms with zesty yuzu citrus for a refreshing yet calming experience. Light one of these babies, inhale as deeply as possible and enjoy an immediate sense of zen. 

5. Magnolia Candle

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  • Inspired By: Springtime in northern Michigan. Bright blue skies between bunches of lilac-splashed petals. Daydreaming. 
  • Smells Like: A fragrant bouquet of pink magnolias and sparkling citrus engulfing all who smell its sweet aroma.

Imagine a light, fragrant breeze cascading through an idyllic garden of pink magnolias and zesty citrus - quite the intoxicating experience. Some have even compared the aroma of magnolia blossoms to a glass of crisp Champagne. 

6. Lilac & Willow Candle

best floral candles
  • Inspired By: Lakeside willows quivering in the breeze. Daytime strolls through the park. A fresh notebook and a good pen on a sunny day.  
  • Smells Like: Blooming lilac and cherry blossoms combined with a hint of jasmine and Bergamot. 

This floral scented candle is perfect for those whose hearts skip a beat when they catch the faint aroma of lilac in the air. Light, airy, and sure to bring upbeat vibes to any room where it burns.

7. Rosewater Candle

flower scented candle
  • Inspired By: Charm and grace. Grand floral bouquets and tea served in delicate china. A regal kind of beauty. 
  • Smells Like: Sweet jasmine and rose petals dotted with apple blossom bursts and calming musk.

A floral scented candle that's sure to bring opulence and quiet dignity to any room it graces, Rosewater is most definitely fit for a queen. Delicate floral notes are balanced with hints of ripened fruit and sweet musk, creating a scent that's as captivating as it is refined.

8. Wildflower Candle

best floral candle
  • Inspired By: Childhood folly. Faeries in the woods. Flower crowns and plucking petals while you sing, "she loves me, she loves me not."
  • Smells Like: Pastel wildflowers, pink jasmine, warm vanilla, juicy oranges, and earthy patchouli.

This floral scented candle is the perfect scent for those who love to feel carefree and whimsical. An intoxicating blend of floral notes, sweet vanilla, and ripe oranges is rounded out by warm patchouli, making this a unique floral aroma that will tantalize your senses.

Floral Scented Candles FAQs

What creates the floral scent in candles?

Candles are scented with floral essential oils, which provide a floral aroma. The amount of floral oil used in a candle will vary depending on the desired scent intensity. 

What are the benefits of floral scented candles?

Floral scented candles are known to be calming and uplifting, making them perfect for creating an atmosphere of relaxation or peace. They can also be used to help reduce stress, promote mental clarity and focus, and even enhance creativity.

What are considered floral scents?

Floral scents include rose, jasmine, magnolia, or any other type of blossoming flower smell. Floral scents linger between explosively sweet, bitter green, and earthy musk. 

What floral scented candles are best for spring?

White Tea & Ginger candles, Magnolia Candles, Lilac & Willow candles, and Rosewater floral scented candles are all perfect for giving your home a touch of spring any time of the year! They will bring in bright aromas with the perfect balance of sweetness.

What is the best floral scented candle?

Hands down—lavender is the best floral scent. It's calming and refreshing all at once.

How do you pick scent names for candles? 

Picking scent names for candles is an art. Candle makers often combine references to nature, fruit, or herbs with seasonally inspired references. 

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