Lilac & Willow Candles

Airy essences of pink lilac, jasmine, cherry blossom, and bergamot freshened with green willow.

Smells like: Spring rain dripping from blossom-laden branches

Fragrance notes: Bergamot, Pink Lilac, Jasmine

All Kalamazoo Candles are:
  • 100% natural scented soy wax
  • Produced using locally sourced and American-made materials
  • Crafted from clean, high-quality, and sustainable ingredients
  • Hand-poured into reusable and recyclable vessels
  • California Proposition 65 compliant, free of all harmful chemicals listed
  • Made to order in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
An actual lilac tree in a jar

Some lilac scents can be cloying or one-note. This one is not that!
This candle somehow captures the entire experience of coming across a lilac tree and smelling it - not just the blossoms, but the whole tree, the freshness of moist soil, etc.
I currently live in NYC, but if I crack the window on a rainy morning and burn this candle at the same time, I can close my eyes and ALMOST feel like I’m back in northern Michigan.

My favorite candle

The lilac & willow is my favorite scent by far, smitten comes in a close second. The candles burn so smoothly and have great burn time. My absolute favorite candles!

Lisa Jude

Love all my candles!!!
Also love the wooden lids to be recycled and not sit in a land fill ....

Visa Cardholder
Perfect Spring Scent

This scent is perfect to lighten up my home, inspire some deep cleaning, and prep me for some garden time outside. I’m obsessed!

Diana Kotis
Love this candle

I saw the Kalamazoo Candle Company display in Whole Foods in Chicago. My daughter’s name is Willow so we HAD to buy it. I went to WMU and love Kalamazoo. The candle did not disappoint! It is one of the best smelling candles I have ever purchased! The smell travels all the way to my second floor and is so exhilarating and relaxing! Amazing find!