A Mulled Cider candle with Mulled Cider

Don't Sweat the Fall Stuff

It’s here. It’s finally here! The siren call (the crunching of dry leaves) has gone out and Michiganders from far and wide are already putting on their favorite fall sweaters... only to peel them off midday because it’s still 80 degrees by noon. Listen, all of us in the Midwest know that we have to take advantage of the non-winter seasons as much as possible (because they’re pretty much here and gone in the blink of an eye). It might not be fair to pick favorites, but fall just hits differently. Maybe it’s the tantalizing aroma of freshly made donuts, or perhaps the endless ads for pumpkin spice everything (seriously, get in our bellies)— Whatever the case, fall is our jam here at Kalamazoo Candle Co., and we are ready to celebrate in true Michigan fashion. Here’s a list of tried and true ways you enhance those autumn vibes.

(Note: for best results, follow instructions in listed order. Just trust us.)

Step 1: Setting the Mood

Not surprisingly, our first item on the list are (you guessed it) candles! For most of us, we have a go-to routine that accompanies the transition from summer to fall— swapping out our flip flop and short-filled closet for sweaters and parkas, racing to Lowe’s to stock up on leaf bags, or simply strolling through Home Goods to longingly gaze at all the adorable fall decor.
(you don’t need that pumpkin pillow, put it back!)

An autumn-themed candle helps to set the atmosphere in your home and really get you in the

mood for the cooler weather and a desire for all things warm and cozy. From crisp, outdoorsy scents like Balsam & Cedar or Campfire, to aromas that recall your grandma’s cooking, like Baked Cinnamon and Mulled Cider, there is a Kalamazoo Candle perfectly suited for your preferences. (and then some!)

Step 2: The Attire

Now that we’ve really gotten into the autumn spirit with our favorite fragrances, it’s time to embrace the softer things in life. Yep, we’re talking about the must-have attire to really set the tone— flannels. Flannels are the perfect go-to for any style choice and are so stupidly comfortable you’ll probably never want to take them off (and sometimes, we don’t). Whether it's flannel shirts, cozy flannel pjs, or even that amazing buffalo plaid sheet set you’ve been wanting forever, these should be a no-brainer in the fall. It’s cooler out now, and you have earned some comfy clothes, don’t you think? Plus, spooky movie marathons just aren’t the same in khakis and polos.

Step 3: Accessorize

The third and final essential items you need to really embrace the fall vibes are your accessories. No, we aren’t just talking about hats (although we love a good beanie). It’s a known fact that no fall aesthetic is complete without a fall drink in one hand and snack in the other. Whether it's a pumpkin spice latte, chai tea, or a cup of cider, there are certain flavors that just scream “I LOVE FALL!” and we are here for it. As far as snacking is concerned, it’s all about those warm cider mill donuts (see first paragraph for additional adoration). All the other seasons have their perks, but fall is about the food! Because, seriously, it could start snowing in October for all we know, so why not add a bit of insulation to keep us warm? (If it’s good enough for bears, who are we to argue)

There you have it. We’ve just set you up for success in true Kalamazoo Candle Company fashion (you’re welcome). For more fall-inspired aromas, check out our full list of Seasonal Candles. Don’t see one that tickles your fancy? Never fear! You can make your own in one of our Walk-In Candle Making Classes! We’ll take you through step-by-step so you’ll leave with the best scent for you. Yeah... we’ve made it that easy.