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10 Perfect Fall Candles For Spooky Season

Have you ordered your first pumpkin spice latte of the season yet? 

As the leaves change and the air grows crisp, there's no better way to set the mood for the spooky season than curling up with the perfect fall candle. 

Certain scents just make sense for the season. Just like floral scented candles are ideal for spring, rich spices, sweet ciders, and the earthy smell of wood capture the essence of autumn. 

These ten perfect fall candles are just what your home needs to welcome the harvest season. 

Top 10 Best Fall Candles (100% Vegan Soy Ingredients—No Toxins!)

Pumpkin Spice Candles

Key Notes: Orange Peel, Ground Nutmeg, Ginger

fall candles pumpkin spice

It's the hallmark of fall for latte drinkers everywhere—pumpkin spice. It's a symbol of cozy sweaters, golden sunsets, and the promise of holidays just around the corner. 

The blend of orange peel, nutmeg, and ginger inspires the warmth and coziness of the season. You'll find yourself looking up pumpkin pie recipes in no time at all. 

Crisp Autumn Day Candle

Key Notes: Blood Orange, Yuzu Zest, Autumn Breeze 

best autumn candles

Remember diving into big crunchy leaf piles in a puffy coat when you were a kid? This fall candle scent is that. Light this two-wick fall candle and feel the warmth of the sun poking through a blanket of clouds. 

The Crisp Autumn Day candle will make your home feel like a perfect fall day. The blood orange and yuzu zest blend offers a refreshing twist to the traditional fall sweet scents. 

Warm Flannel Candles 

Key Notes: Cashmere, Musk, Cedar, Orange

autumn candles warm flannel scent

Take a look around Kalamazoo, MI in October, and you'll see plenty of people in every color flannel you can imagine. There's nothing quite like slipping your arms into one of these cozy button-downs on a chilly evening before heading out for a bonfire. 

These fall candles offer the comforting scent of luxe cashmere, soft musk, and rich cedarwood. The touch of sunny citrus ensures your space will feel warm and bright. 

Apple Harvest Candles

Key Notes: Apple Orchards, Orange Peel, Spices

apple harvest candle fall candles

Apple picking is a family staple when it comes to Michiganders during spooky season. Strolling rows of trees to find the perfect bright green Granny Smith or ruby Red Delicious Apples is something of a Midwest fall tradition. 

The Apple Harvest Candle brings the experience of tart apple pie straight to your living room. The addition of vanilla and autumn-spiced caramelized brown sugar makes this a delightful autumn classic.

Firewood Candle

Key Notes: Gilded Spices, Fir Needle, Smokey Vetiver 

firewood scented fall candle

Chopping firewood might not be fun, but fireside lounging sure is. The Firewood Candle is the smell of pine and bonfire in your clothes the day after you roast marshmallows in the backyard. 

Maybe you even told a few ghost stories to everyone around the fire. (Speaking of which, have you heard any of these spooky superstitions about candles?) 

Light this two-wick fall-scented candle to recreate the ambiance of a cozy fireside evening Up North. The blend of spices, fir needle, and smoky vetiver is comforting and nostalgic.

Pumpkin Patch Candle

Key Notes: Pumpkin, Butter, Vanilla 

pumpkin scented fall candles

Who doesn't love spending an afternoon traversing through the pumpkin patch? Michigan is full of stretching farmlands that turn into vibrant pumpkin patches in the fall, so we couldn't resist creating a candle in honor of one of the best midwest fall activities ever. 

Whether you're carving pumpkins (ever wondered why we put candles in jack-o-lanterns?) or making pumpkin pie, only good things can come from a day at the pumpkin patch. 

The pumpkin scented candle emits a creamy pumpkin aroma infused with sweet molasses and delicate spices. It's also reminiscent of a buttery autumn soufflé, making it a fall favorite. 

Mulled Cider Candles

Key Notes: Crisp Apple Cider, Fresh Apple 

apple scented fall candle

The word "mulled" means to heat, sweeten, and flavor—and what combo could be better on a cool fall afternoon? Folks in Michigan will make a day out of visiting local cider mills to stroll and sip this local golden nectar. 

Enjoy the cozy blend of ripe apples combined with spicy cinnamon and warm clove spice when you light this perfect fall candle. The buttery caramel undertones will make your home feel all the more inviting. 

Tobacco Cedar Candles

Key Notes: Rich Leather, Warm Spices, Soft Moss

perfect fall candles

Ever get a whiff of something and experience a blast from the past? Our brains are wired so that smells evoke memories, and this smoky scent will surely stir up some good ones. 

Step back in time with a robust and nostalgic blend. Tobacco Cedar is the smell of leather-bound books and oversized armchairs next to a roaring fire. It's a smoky wood-paneled office illuminated by candlelight. 

To create the Tobacco Cedar Candle, warm tobacco meets weathered notes of cedar for an elevated petrichor effect. This perfect candle for fall is also complemented by rich leather notes and a mix of spices. 

White Birch Candle

Key Notes: Bergamot Leaf, Lemon, Clary Sage 

perfect candles for fall

Experience the serenity of a forest grove as the leaves change. Feel rays of bright sunshine stream through the foliage as you take a leisurely hike on a fall day. 

This two-wick candle makes your home smell like notes of birch—in other words, your favorite weekend getaway cabin in the woods. The combination of bergamot leaf, lemon, and clary sage offers a sophisticated and tranquil aroma. 

Golden Amber Candles 

Key Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Orange Zest 

halloween scented candles

Fall symbolizes the closing of a chapter, a sunset on the year as we reap what we sow from the spring and summer. It's a time of quiet contemplation mixed with gratitude for the things we've achieved and the people we love the most. 

This candle exudes warmth with its blend of ancient resins and exotic woods. The golden citrus touch ensures this seasonal scent is both rich and welcoming.

These Fall Candles Are Made Locally in Kalamazoo, MI

All these candles are made of 100% natural scented soy wax, using locally sourced and American-made materials. They are crafted from clean, high-quality ingredients and hand-poured into reusable and recyclable vessels. 

Our candles also comply with California Proposition 65, ensuring they are free of harmful chemicals. Each candle is proudly made to order right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

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Step Up Your Home's Cozy Factor 

As autumn sets in, these candles are the perfect companions to embrace the season. They make excellent gifts, too! You can explore our entire fall candle collection here.