Pumpkin Patch Candles

Creamy pumpkin with sweet molasses and delicate spices in a buttery autumn soufflé.

Smells like: Pumpkin Crème Brulée

Fragrance notes: Pumpkin, Butter, Vanilla

All Kalamazoo Candles are:
  • 100% natural scented soy wax
  • Produced using locally sourced and American-made materials
  • Crafted from clean, high-quality, and sustainable ingredients
  • Hand-poured into reusable and recyclable vessels
  • California Proposition 65 compliant, free of all harmful chemicals listed
  • Made to order in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Lynnet Johnson

Quality product

Amanda Byron

This is my favorite fall scent! I burn it as much as possible!

Barbara West

I have always loved burning scented candles but after find out I have a genetic gene mutation which greatly decreases my ability to detox these pure candles are so welcome in my home without the worries of toxic impurities. I love the Pumpkin Patch scent and so does my husband. These candles will make the holidays so nice.

Nancy A Blain

My candle starts out with good scent but half way thru, you can hardly smell it.

Hi Nancy, thanks for your review! We're glad that you enjoyed your initial candle experience. Our candles are designed to fill a room not overpower. It's worth noting that our candles are made with fragranced 100% natural soy wax, so there's no technical reason that you should experience diminished fragrance. One thing to note... it is possible to get used to a scent after a while. If you haven't been replacing the candle lid when you're not burning it, you might try doing that to provide a sensory 'time out' between uses.

WF Employee
Best Candles Ever!!

As a Whole Foods employee, I had to fight off my fellow team members when your candles first arrived at our store!!! We all bought multiple candles but Pumpkin Patch is phenomenal. The scent fills the room quickly and is just the right fall scent. Not overpowering at all. Thank you! I'm a new Kalamazoo Candle addict. :-)

Hello! Thank you for your wonderful review. We are so happy to hear you and your team are enjoying Kalamazoo Candle Company in your store. We absolutely love our partnership with Whole Foods!