DIY Candle Making Kit

What You’ll Need:

• Stovetop/Burner

• Old pot or metal bowl (wax will be melted in this pot)

• Larger pot

• Stirring device

• Thermometer (recommended) 

Step 1: Melt Wax

Create a double boiler. To do this, pour the wax into your old pot or metal bowl. Fill your larger pot with water and place your wax pot into the larger pot. Place on heat source and wait until wax is melted (ideal temperature is between 150 and 170 degrees - DO NOT HEAT ABOVE 170). 

Step 2: Pour Wax into Jar

Pour the melted wax into the candle jar leaving at least ½ inch room to the top of the jar (space for the wick and the lid). 

Step 3: Add Fragrance Oil

Pour the entirety of the fragrance oil into the candle jar. Use your stirring device to stir the wax and fragrance oil mixture slowly for at least two minutes. 

Step 4: Add Wick

Straighten the wick with your fingers and then place in the jar. Use the clothespin to hold the wick in the center of the jar. Now let the candle harden! This will take at least one hour. 

You’re done! Enjoy your Kalamazoo Candle Company candle made by you!