10 Best Spring Scents For Candles (2024)

10 Best Spring Scents For Candles (2024)

It’s finally time to begin the winter thaw, and there’s no better way to warm up after a long winter than with spring scented candles. (Okay, even if the winter was pretty mild, spring scents for candles are still the best!) 

But which spring scents work best for soy candles? And how do you define the smell of spring, anyway? Be sure to read from top to bottom, because we’re covering everything you need to know about the best spring scents for candles. 

What Exactly Makes A Candle “Spring Scented?”

If you grew up near Kalamazoo, Michigan, then springtime might smell like anything from wildflowers or firewood, depending on the unpredictable nature of our weather. 

In general, light, floral aromas and refreshing herbal scents typically capture the essence of spring. If you’re aiming for springtime smells, hold off on coconut candles and baked cinnamon candles, which tend to be for summer and winter, respectively. 

10 Best Spring Scents For Candles (#6 Is Our Favorite)

Are you ready for spring? These scents are perfect for surrounding you with post-winter joy, whether you’re treating yourself or buying a gift for a candle lover.

#1 - Lavender Scented Candles 

While most lavender plants don’t bloom until early summer, lavender is the perfect spring scent for a candle because it’s known for having a calming effect. 

lavender scented spring candle

Considering springtime bummers around the MidWest like tornados, random blizzards, and Tax Day, soothing lavender is much needed. 

#2 - Magnolia Scented Candles

When magnolias bloom, it’s a sign that spring is finally here. As a candle scent, magnolias leave behind an intoxicating floral aroma that inspires the hope that cold weather is finally behind us.

magnolia scented spring candle

 Hopefully that includes Fake Spring #1 and Fake Spring #2. 

#3 - Lilac and Willow Scented Candles 

Lilac and willow provide a mixture of scents that will remind you of blooming plants and gorgeous weather.

lilac and willow scented candle

 Both scents are refreshing and airy, transporting you to a quiet lakeside with the beauty of nature surrounding you. Of course, once you open your eyes, you'll be right back in the concrete jungle of the suburbs (dang it!) 

#4 - Rosewater Scented Candles

Light up a rosewater candle to create the feeling of floating in a relaxing bath surrounded by revitalizing flower petals. The elegant, peaceful atmosphere is perfect for welcoming the spring season while making you feel like royalty. 

rosewater candle

 Of course, even the royals seem to be having a rough go of it these days. 

#5 - Lemongrass Scented Candles

This soft, citrus scent is infused with hints of lush, earthy greens. Since lemongrass is typically planted in the spring, a candle of this scent ushers the blossoming spirit of nature into your home. 

lemongrass candle

 Hopefully, it's refreshing enough to help you break free from winter hibernation mode. 

#6 - Spring Rain Scented Candles

Sometimes musky spring rain can be just as peaceful and enticing as floral scents. After all, April showers bring May flowers!

spring rain scented candle

Finally—the perfect way to enjoy the aroma of a fresh rainfall without getting drenched.

#7 - Citrus Breeze Scented Candles

This fragrance mimics the fresh aroma of clean laundry hanging in the soft spring air to dry.

citrus breeze scented candle

 Talk about spring cleaning—this spring candle scent will have you feeling ready to clean out every closet, cabinet, and drawer in the house. 

#8 - Arboretum Scented Candles

As a botanical garden full of trees, “arboretum” is the perfect scent to get you excited about the flora blooming this spring. 

tree scented candle

Light the Arboretum spring scented candle, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and you’ll be transported straight into the heart of the wild. 

#9 - Honeydew Scented Candles 

Honeydew season technically starts in early summer, but the refreshing melon scent can help you enter the spring season on a positive note nonetheless.

honeydew scented candle

 Don’t be surprised if you find yourself whipping up a spring time fruit salad—this spring candle scent smells delectable. 

#10 - Campfire Scented Candles 

Campfire might seem like an unusual spring candle scent, but if you’re from Michigan, then you know it’s not that weird. Many native Michiganders have spent Spring Break camping out at one of the state’s wonderful national parks

campfire scented candle

 With the snow (mostly) melted and the sun shining, a campfire scented candle will take you right back to the good old days of camping with the whole family. 

Make Your Own Spring Scented Candles

None of these spring candle scents are speaking to you? Then why don't YOU just try making a spring scented candle? No seriously, come make a candle at our store. 

Kalamazoo Candle Company offers in-store candle making experiences where you can choose from over 50 soy candle fragrances to create a spring candle that fits your style and mood.

Spring Scents For Candles: Frequently Asked Questions 

What candle scents are best for spring?

Floral candle scents, such as lavender, lilac, and magnolia, are popular candles for spring. Unique scents like spring rain and citrus are also good choices because they bring refreshing fragrances into the new season.

What scent of candle sells the most?

Vanilla is the most popular candle scent with a market share of 11%. Citrus, one of the best spring scents for candles, followed close behind with 10%.

What smells remind you of spring?

Many people think of flowers, fruit, fresh rain, and grass clippings. 

Where can I buy spring scented candles?

Most stores sell some spring candles, but Kalamazoo Candle Company has one of the best 100% soy candle collections, including floral scents like lavender, fruit scents like honeydew, and unique scents like campfire.

Candle Scents For Every Season 

At Kalamazoo Candle Company, we know how to make irresistible spring scents for candles—and winter, summer, and fall scents for candles, too. These candles are crafted from 100% natural soy wax, using locally sourced and American-made materials. 

They're made with high-quality ingredients, poured into recyclable vessels, and free of harmful chemicals in compliance with California Proposition 65. Proudly handmade to order in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. 

Check out the rest of our 2024 collection to fill your home with springtime wonder.