20 Best Gifts For Candle Lovers (2024)

20 Best Gifts For Candle Lovers (2024)

With soft lighting and refreshing scents, candles make excellent birthday gifts and thoughtful holiday presents. They can make a home feel cozier and have even been shown to improve focus and productivity. Plus, since candles don't last forever, there's always a need for more. 

And that's what makes candles (and their accessories) excellent gifts for candle lovers. 

Why Candles & Candle Accessories Make Great Gift Ideas

Many people mistake candles for an easy, impersonal gift—but that's not the case at all. Put a bit of thought into where you source your candles and what scent you choose, and candles can be incredibly personal. 

20 Must-Have Gifts For Every Candle Lover 

Searching for gifts for people who love candles? We've got you covered—here are our top twenty hand-picked gifts for candle lovers. 

#1 - Wick Dipper

wick dipper gift

This popular alternative to a candle snuffer is a must-have for candle lovers. Candles with a cotton wick tend to erupt in a plume of smoke when blown out.

Wick dippers eliminate unwanted smoke by allowing you to extinguish the flame by gently dipping the wick into the melted wax. 

#2 - Wick Trimmer

wick trimmer gift

Help candle lovers upgrade their candle care toolkit with a fancy metal wick trimmer.

Trimming your wick ensures a safe burn and helps the wax melt more evenly, making your candle last even longer—and that's exactly what every candle collector wants, right?

#3 - Accessory Trays

candle accessory gift

Does your candle enthusiast struggle to find a spot for their used wick trimmers or waxy wick dippers? Accessory trays offer the perfect solution that also serve as stylish coasters for candles, protecting tables from any potential scuffs.

#4 - Lilac & Willow Votive Bundle

lilac and willow candle gift

The only thing better than one candle is six candles for the price of five. Plus, the refreshing scent of lilac and willow is enough to give any home a relaxing atmosphere—something your lucky gift recipient will surely thank you for. 

#5 - Candle Warmer Bundle

candle lover gifts

Mix and match two candles from over a dozen scents, along with a candle warmer that fits the recipient's personal style. It's the perfect way to keep someone you love cozy year-round. 

#6 - Desert Stargaze Candle

desert candle gift

Does your candle enthusiast love a good adventure? With this single candle flickering in the moonlight, the person who receives it will feel like they're lying in the sand, surrounded by a starry night—all from the comfort of their own home.

#7 - River Moss & Teakwood Candle

river and moss candle gift

Does your candle-loving pal enjoy the allure of paranormal romance and fantasy fiction? Then this earthy candle is the perfect gift. Its unique aroma will whisk them away to moss-draped oaks, serene rivers, and lush, fragrant gardens.

Light it while reading, and boom—you'll feel like you're practically in the story. 

#8 - Spring Rain Candle

spring rain candle

There's nothing more peaceful than a refreshing spring rain after a brutal winter. The scent that rain leaves behind promotes cleanliness and comfort, which is how your candle lover's home will feel when they burn this relaxing candle.

#9 - Honeydew Candle

honeydew candle gift

Smelling the scent of honeydew will make any candle lover feel good from head to toe. Based on juicy, refreshing fruits like honeydew and cantaloupe, this candle is refreshing and playful.

Perfect for candle lovers who love the summer time and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. 

#10 - Sage Candle

sage scented candle

Does your candle enthusiast like to keep the vibe immaculate? Sage is known for banishing negative energy and allowing positivity to take root. This bright, herbal candle is sure to keep their space feeling serene and inviting. 

#11-  Coconut Candle

coconut candle

Could your candle enthusiast use a little tropical vacation? If you can't afford to put them on a plane to paradise anytime soon, this coconut candle should do the trick.

Burning this candle will fill the room with hints of mango nectar and green melon—close your eyes, and you can practically hear the ocean. 

#12 - Lavender Candle

jasmine candle

Does the candle lover in your life need to unwind and release some tension? Lavender evokes a sense of peace and relaxation, making it a perfect companion for moments of meditation or a tranquil night in.

#13 - Isle Royale Candle

michigan candle

Whether it's for someone who misses their home state or a Michigander who cherishes their local heritage, this Isle Royale National Park is sure to spark a moment of nostalgia. This candle fills a room with the refreshing blend of sunny eucalyptus, bright bergamot, and rich cedarwood. 

#14 - Modern Gray Candle Warmer

gray candle warmer

Does your candle enthusiast have pets or children who might pose a risk to an open flame? A candle warmer disperses a candle's pleasant scent across a room without the need for fire. Plus, this simple gray design ensures the warmer will match anyone's home decor perfectly.

#15 - Wood Print Candle Warmer

wooden candle warmer

The wood print candle warmer adds a touch of nature to your home and makes botanical candle scents more authentic—even without an open flame.

#16 - Family Car Freshener Bundle

candle scented car fresheners

For someone who wants to bring their favorite candle scents on the go, the family car freshener bundle is a game changer. You can choose three scents to give your candle lover a one-of-a-kind aromatic experience. 

#17 - Clover Leaf & Aloe Candle

candle gifts for candle lovers

Gifting this candle will make your recipient feel like they're rolling in fields of clover as soon as they light it. The notes of sweetgrass, clover leaf, and aloe are energizing to give anyone a refreshing start to the day.

#18 - Citrus Breeze Candle

citrus breeze candle

Help your candle lover feel the breeze in their hair. Designed to invigorate and refresh, this candle's crisp citrus scent is perfect for candle enthusiasts looking to infuse their home with a clean, fresh aroma. 

#19 - Chamomile Candle

Chamomile Candle

Bring life and vibrance to a candle lover's home with this chamomile and jasmine candle. Its calming essence and charming notes will brighten a candle lover's day as it slowly burns.

#20 - Candle Gift Box

candle gift box

A candle gift isn't complete without heartfelt packaging. These vibrant candle boxes can add a clear message, vibrant colors, and a bold design for the candle enthusiast in your life.

Impress Your Loved One with Presents for Candle Lovers

Whether it's a candle, accessory, or a bundle of products, anyone who loves ambient lighting and pleasant scents is sure to fall in love with one of these gifts for candle lovers. For more candle gift ideas for a loved one (or yourself!), check out the rest of our 2024 candle collection.