Empty Candle Jars: 15 Things To Do Instead Of Trashing Them

Empty Candle Jars: 15 Things To Do Instead Of Trashing Them

Your favorite candle has just flickered its last flame, but instead of mourning its end, you're eyeing the empty candle jar, contemplating its next chapter. (Which hopefully doesn't include sitting in a landfill for the next 4,000 years). 

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Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or just dipping your toes into the world of upcycling, transforming empty candle jars into something extraordinary is a breeze. Say goodbye to the guilt of waste and hello to chic storage solutions to bespoke decor.

Get ready to save a ton at Home Goods. Here's everything you need to know about turning what was once destined for the landfill into salvaged treasures.

Benefits of Using Empty Candle Jars

  • Empty high-quality candle jars are easy to clean and repurpose
  • Reusing empty candle jars saves the planet
  • It also saves you money because you don't have to buy whatever you turn it into

Human industrialism is too much for our fragile planet to digest. Even something as seemingly small as a piece of chewing gum (which includes up to 80% plastic—ew) can take five years to decompose fully.

But glass candle jars are among the most problematic things humans waste.

Not only does it take glass up to 40 centuries to decompose, but it's also one of the most polluting substances on earth and injures countless animals who cut themselves on shards—or worse, ingest them. 

The good news is that glass is also one of the easiest waste products to recycle, as it doesn't generate any waste in the process. And if you can breathe a second wind into your empty candle container by repurposing it somewhere in your household, that's even better. 

6 Creative Ideas for Empty Candle Jars

#1 - Feed Your New Candle-Making Addiction 

If you've taken up candle creation as your new favorite hobby, then you, like the rest of us candle addicts, know that expenses can add up quickly. 

Instead of feeding the machine and ordering brand new glass candle jars every time you want to make a new batch of candles, why not just remove the wax and repurpose your old candle jars?

Now, all of your candle creations are more environmentally friendly. 

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#2 - Use As Storage Containers

Transform empty glass jars into elegant storage containers for your home or office. Larger candle jars are ideal for organizing small items like paper clips, buttons, or spices. Personalize them with paint, ribbons, or decals to match your decor.

#3 - Use For DIY Crafts and Decor

Empty candle jars offer a blank canvas for countless DIY projects. 

Create unique candle holders, fairy lights, or even a terrarium. Fill jars with seasonal decorations or use them as centerpieces. These projects allow for personal expression and can be fun for all ages.

#4 - Make Planters, Terrariums, and Vases

Upcycle your jars into beautiful planters for succulents or small herbs. They can also be turned into glass candle vases for fresh or dried flowers. 

Decorating the jars with twine, paint, or fabric can enhance their appearance and make them a perfect fit for any interior design theme.

#5 - Step Up Your Bathroom Organization

Candle jars are excellent for decluttering your bathroom. Use them to store cotton balls, q-tips, makeup brushes, or bath salts. 

Customizing the jars with labels or decorative elements can help you achieve a cohesive and stylish look, making your bathroom feel more organized and inviting.

#6 - Make a Candle Soap Dispenser 

Transform an empty candle jar into a stylish soap dispenser with a few simple steps. Clean the jar thoroughly, remove all wax residue, and ensure it's dry. Find a pump dispenser that fits the jar's opening or adapt one from an old bottle. 

You may need to drill a hole in the jar's lid or modify it to fit the pump securely. Fill the jar with your favorite liquid soap, attach the pump, and voila! You've crafted a unique, eco-friendly soap dispenser that adds a touch of charm to any sink.

How To Prep Your Empty Candle Jars

Cleaning and Removing Wax Residue

To reuse candle jars, start by cleaning them out. Freeze the jar to make the wax brittle and easier to remove, or pour in hot water to melt the wax and wipe it clean. A gentle scrub with a mixture of warm water and vinegar can work wonders for stubborn residue.

Maintaining Glass Clarity

Keep your jars crystal clear by regularly wiping them down with a soft cloth dampened with water and vinegar. This simple solution removes fingerprints, dust, and smudges, keeping the glass sparkling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with empty candle jars?

Empty candle jars can be repurposed for storage, DIY crafts, planters, vases, and bathroom organizers, offering a creative and sustainable way to reuse them. You can (and should) recycle them and other glass containers. 

Can you refill empty candle jars to make new candles?

Yes, you can refill empty candle jars with wax to make new candles. This is a fun way to keep supply costs low for candle-making hobbyists. 

How do you empty a candle jar of wax?

To remove wax from a candle jar, you can freeze the jar to harden the wax, making it easier to pop out or warm the jar slightly to melt the wax and pour it out.

Is it safe to use empty candle jars for food storage?

Using empty candle jars for food storage is generally safe once they are thoroughly cleaned and any wax residue is removed. However, ensure the jars have not previously contained any scented candles with chemicals that could be harmful if in contact with food.

How can I remove labels or stickers from candle jars without leaving residue?

​​To remove labels or stickers from candle jars without leaving residue, soak the jars in warm, soapy water for a few hours or overnight. Then, gently peel off the label. For any remaining adhesive, applying a mixture of baking soda and cooking oil and letting it sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a soft cloth can be effective.

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