Smitten candle with accessories and tins

Diminish the Holiday Drama

It never fails that the holiday season tends to kick up some unneeded drama. Surprisingly, we aren’t referring to the inescapable family theatrics that always seems to happen when Auntie Janet gets a little too friendly with the nog (if you know, you know). We’re actually talking about that last-minute panic of “oh shoot I forgot to buy so-and-so a gift” that never fails to catch us by surprise. (every stinking year)

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE the holidays. All the festivities, music, and time with loved ones... it really is a magical time of year. That being said, all of us have had to do the 11th-hour scramble to find gifts that straddle the line between usefulness and tear-jerking personalization. This year is going to be different though because we are going to help you dial down on all that unnecessary drama and grab the holidays by the jingle bells!

Believe it or not, Kalamazoo Candle Co. is packed with oodles of gift options, many of which you can customize to transform an otherwise ordinary present into a sentimental keepsake. Don’t believe us? Oh, yee of little faith! Let’s break it down for you...

We have so many ways to customize your candle experience here at Kalamazoo Candle Co. Not only do we offer classes to create candles/unique fragrances yourself, but we also have the option of creating custom labels (and you don’t even have to order them in bulk!). These labels can be sweet and sentimental, or a way to keep that old inside joke alive and well (trust us, we’ve seen some real doozies come through). The most important thing is you’ll be able to customize each gift in a way that shows that you put in the extra effort, without having to pay a fortune or take up tons of time! (have we convinced you yet?)

Oh, we’re not done yet. Know someone crafty who is in desperate need of a winter hobby? We’ve got something for that, too! Our DIY Candle Making Kits bring all the elements of our candle-making classes right to the comfort of your own home. (which means you can make candles in your pajamas and there can be wine involved) We’ll warn you, though, candle making is pretty addictive, so be prepared to hear about their “new obsession” for the next however long. (we’d apologize, but we’re totally those people, too)

And, of course, you can’t forget about stocking stuffers (because let’s face it, we all forget about the stocking stuffers). Instead of rushing to Target on Christmas Eve to stock up on candy canes, check out our Candle Accessories, instead! They’ll go hand-in-hand perfectly with that delicious-smelling candle and it’s something that can continue to be used for years to come. Plus, you’ll greatly improve their overall candle etiquette, and we’re all about that.

Of course, the safest bet is always a Gift Card, especially if you’re unsure of your loved one’s personal aroma preferences. And, before you protest, gift cards for the holidays are NOT cheating! Quite the contrary, in fact. Giving someone the option to pick out exactly what they want right from the get-go will not only be greatly appreciated but will also eliminate that awkward moment of realizing you bought them a scent that they are allergic to. (aka a total holiday nightmare)

Whatever your gift-buying woes, there is a Kalamazoo Candle solution here to save the day! Diminish the drama this holiday season and find everything you need right on our Shop Page. Yep. We’ve made it that easy.