11 Best Double Wick Soy Candles (Summer Scents!)

11 Best Double Wick Soy Candles (Summer Scents!)

You can’t stop staring at the candle on your best friend’s island. Can a candle that size even burn effectively? You wonder. 

You’ve heard of double-wick candles before but hadn’t bought into the hype. Now you’re beginning to wonder if maybe it is more than a trend.

So what’s the deal with double-wick candles—and are they better than single-wick candles? 

What is a Double Wick Candle?

A double-wick candle is like any other candle except that it contains two wicks toward the center of the wax. Double-wick candles became popular as the size of candles grew. Doubling the wicks in candles has quite a few candle-burning benefits. 

Benefits of a Double Wick Candle

Double-wick candles are about more than just the aesthetic. There are practical reasons why a candle would have a double—or even triple—wick.

Allows larger candles to burn more efficiently.

When a candle is wider than 4 inches, it’s best to use at least two wicks. This helps the candle burn more efficiently because the double heat source ensures that the wax melts evenly. 

Instead of the wax forming a tunnel around a single wick, two wicks provide balanced heat distribution, allowing the entire surface to melt uniformly and have a longer lifespan.

Prevent soot development.

Double-wick candles help minimize the formation of soot. With a single wick, especially in larger candles, the wick might burn unevenly or too intensely. 

This can lead to soot deposits on the candle jar and in the air. Two wicks distribute the heat more evenly, resulting in a cleaner burn.

Prevent wick mushrooming.

Wick mushrooming, where the wick forms a carbon cap, can occur when a wick is too large for the candle. This can cause excessive smoking and an uneven burn. 

Double-wick candles reduce the risk of mushrooming because the heat is more evenly distributed between two smaller wicks. This balanced burning ensures a consistent flame without the buildup of carbon deposits.

Larger scent throw.

One of the standout benefits of double-wick candles is their enhanced scent throw. A larger candle has more scent molecules to disperse, and the dual heat sources help these molecules spread further and faster throughout the room. 

This means your space will be filled with your favorite fragrance more quickly and more thoroughly than with a single-wick candle. 

Even burn for the candle.

Larger candles contain more wax, which requires sufficient heat to melt evenly. Without adequate heat, the candle can develop a "tunneling" effect, where wax remains unburned along the sides. 

A double-wick design helps avoid this by providing enough heat to ensure the entire surface of the candle melts consistently. This results in a smooth, even burn from edge to edge that uses all of the wax and allows you to get the most out of your candle. 

11 Best Double Wick Candles

If you’re ready to commit to the double-wick candle life, we recommend these fantastic scents. 

Spring Rain | $29.00

spring rain double wick candle

You know that amazing smell right after it rains? There's a word for it—petrichor. With the Spring Rain candle, you can fill your space with that exact scent. 

Imagine the soothing aroma of a gentle spring rain mixed with fresh citrus, coriander leaf, rosewater, and a hint of earthy amber wood. It's like bringing the calming essence of a rainy day into your home. 

You’re going to love how it makes everything feel so fresh and cozy!

Honey Dew | $29.00

hondew candle double wick

Get ready to welcome spring with the Honey Dew candle. It’s like a burst of refreshing, juicy goodness. 

Think about the lusciously ripe notes of sparkling yuzu and mellow cucumber water, sweetened with juicy cantaloupe and playful golden honeydew with a hint of fluffy musk to round out the fragrance. 

You're going to love how fresh and invigorating it smells!

Citrus Breeze | $29.00

citrus breeze double wick candle

Imagine filling your space with a burst of energy from bright lemon and fresh lime zest. The Citrus Breeze candle does just that, with a touch of calming, breezy notes of lavender and white sandalwood. 

There are also hints of clean, sun-drenched cotton and soft cedar, making the scent both invigorating and soothing. It’s perfect for refreshing any room and giving it a lively yet relaxed vibe. 

You're going to love how it instantly brightens up your space!

Wildflower | $29.00

wildflower double wick candle

Need a little pick-me-up? The Wildflower candle is perfect for that! It’s uplifting and invigorating, just like a fresh bouquet of wildflowers in the spring. 

It’s got these juicy notes of Valencia Orange and sparkling bursts of Bergamot that are super refreshing.

Plus, there are gentle florals like pastel wildflowers and pink jasmine that blend beautifully with subtle hints of vanilla bean and sugared patchouli. 

You’ll love how it brightens your mood!

Pumpkin Spice | $29.00

pumpkin spice double wick candle

If you’re a fan of fall, you’re going to adore the Pumpkin Spice candle. It’s like indulging in the cozy warmth of autumn with every flicker. 

Imagine notes of orange peel, ground nutmeg, and ginger blending together to create that perfect pumpkin spice scent. It’s like having a piece of fall right in your home. 

You’re going to love how it makes everything feel so warm and inviting!

Crisp Autumn Day | $29.00

double wick autumn leaves candle

This candle is the perfect candle when you’re daydreaming about fall vibes.

It’s got this amazing blend of blood orange, yuzu zest, and that crisp autumn breeze that just screams fall. It will have you booking a pumpkin patch session and dreaming up fall activities. 

You’ll love how it brings that fresh, invigorating feel of a perfect fall day into your space.

Wassail | $29.00

double wick wassail candle

Wassail—a festive winter-style beverage—sums up the essence of festive gatherings and cozy winter nights. 

This candle is infused with the aromatic notes of fresh orange juice, whole cloves, and spiced apple cider. The gentle spiced scent will bring you right back to memories of traditions and celebrations. 

You’re going to love how it fills your home with the warmth and cheer of the holiday season!

Firewood | $29.00

double wick firewood candle

Feel the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire with the Firewood candle.

It’s infused with rich notes of gilded spices, fir needle, and smoky vetiver. This candle will make your space feel cozy and nostalgic—you’re ready for a fireside chat. 

You’ll love how it transforms your home into a snug retreat, perfect for those chilly evenings.

Candy Cane Lane | $29.00

double wick candy cane candle

Step into a joyful winter wonderland with the Candy Cane Lane candle. 

It’s infused with whimsical notes of frosted citrus, crushed peppermint, and sugar. This fragrance is what sugarplum dreams are made of. 

You’ll love how it brings back memories of festive fun and frosty adventures!

Winter Jasmine | $29.00

jasmine scented double wick candle

Picture a serene winter morning, crisp and calm. That's the vibe you get with the Winter Jasmine candle. 

It’s a delightful mix of orange, frosted lemon, and pear skin, creating a refreshing citrusy blend. Light this candle, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a peaceful, wintry retreat. 

You’ll love how it brings crisp winter mornings into your home!

White Birch | $29.00

white birch double wick candle

White Birch is an ode to nature’s tranquility and sophistication. 

It’s delicately crafted with fragrant notes of bergamot leaf, lemon, and clary sage. This exquisite blend captures the essence of a serene forest grove. 

You’ll love how it brings a touch of nature’s calm into your home!

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