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We love supporting wonderful nonprofit organizations, whether it be sharing our candles for silent auctions, partnering with organizations for sponsorships, or in various other ways. We love exploring new creative ideas that help your organization grow!

If you're looking for an easy to run and unique fundraising program to replace your current door-knocking fundraiser we definitely have a program for you!

Click here for an easy to download flyer with all the information about fundraisers!

St. Monica's students selling candles for their fundraiser


Our online fundraising program is easy to share with family and friends across the country, not just next door. Your organization will receive a percentage of all online sales (non-discounted only).

How much your organization sells online will determine how much of a percentage you receive back. Sales between $0-$499.99 will receive 5% back. Sales between $500-$999.99 will receive 15% back on the amount between $500-$999.99, and 5% of the sales between $0-$499.99. Sales above $1,000 will receive 40% on the amount above $1,000, 15% back on the amount between $500-$999.99, and 5% of the sales between $0-$499.99.

Example: Your organization sells $4,000 in candles online. Congrats! You've just raised $1,300 to fund anything your organization needs!

Running a fundraiser online means no paper forms to keep up with, no tracking sales, and no organizing pickup days. You just send people to our website, they'll enter your unique fundraising code upon checkout, and BOOM: your organization receives money for the sale. We ship directly to the customer so you don't even have to organize a pickup night!

If you're interested in raising money for your fundraiser, fill out the form below or call us at
(269) 532-9816.

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*We only partner with nonprofits, K-12 public schools, and nonprofit universities/colleges clubs/organizations. Please note that we need your organization's tax-exempt number in order to run a fundraiser. Checks are made out to organizations/schools ONLY. Fundraisers cannot run over the course of Thanksgiving week and other select dates.