Empty Candle Jars: The Décor You Didn't Know You Needed

Empty Candle Jars: The Décor You Didn't Know You Needed

Well, your candle is officially spent, so it’s time to toss the jar in the recycling bin, right? WRONG. Who would have thought there was a multi-purpose use for your favorite candle? (well… we suppose all of Pinterest already knew, but whatever).

Reusing your candle jars is an environmentally-friendly way to both cut down on the amount of glass waste that gets dumped in landfills, AND save a fortune at Home Goods. Think outside the box (or the jar) before tossing your used candle containers— you may be pleasantly surprised on what you can do with them!

Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose Kalamazoo Candle Company jars:

Make Self Care Easy (and aesthetically pleasing)

The internet is packed with DIY sugar scrubs, bath salts, and creamy body butters that you can make right at home, but no one wants to put their fragrant masterpiece in the same Tupperware that’s still stained with pasta sauce (we all have that container).

Storing DIY body products in your repurposed candle jars will not only provide an air-tight vessel, but now you have something better to display on your bathroom shelf than just that lonely extra roll of toilet paper! Trust us, you’ll be feeling the HGTV vibes from start to finish. Move over, Joanna Gaines!

Spruce Up That Junk Drawer (you know the one)

We have a theory that national coin shortages are actually due to the fact that we all have a small treasure trove of long-forgotten spare change jangling around in a variety of drawers (alongside paperclips, hair ties, and a surplus miscellaneous spare keys… what were those for again?).

Why not do your mental health a favor and finally get around to organizing all those free-floating doodads and thingamabobs? Think about how much easier it’ll be to find a quarter for your Aldi cart, or a rubber band to properly seal up that chip bag, if they’re all sorted into charming little jars!

It’s Actually Pretty Easy To Be Green (sorry, Kermit)

Nothing says cottage core vibes quite like a home full of plants, right? Now, if you just experienced a moment of panic and thought, “I can barely keep fake plants alive”, take a breath! Succulents make the perfect plant-friends for people who aren’t so gardening-inclined.

Kalamazoo Candle Company is lucky enough to be right around the block from the amazing Mason Jar Plant Shop, who offers a DIY succulent bar that makes repurposing old containers both fun and delightfully easy! Plus, what a great way to support local businesses, decorate your home, and take a break from bingeing Netflix for a little bit! Can’t quite picture it and need some inspiration? Check this out!

We love when people share how they have DIY’ed their used Kalamazoo Candle Co. jars. If you’d like to show off your own masterpieces, send us pictures via email or tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our Stories!

Remember to stay crafty and think twice before you toss something in the trash… you never know where or when it could come in handy!