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One of my favorite summer scents ever!

Smells so light and fresh ~ people come to our door and can smell through the screen - get so many compliments!

Sugared Spruce

I first discover this candle and Kalamazoo Candle Company while staying in an AirBNB in California. I fell in love with the scent of this sugared space candle and searched the Internet for how I could have one for my home. After a long search I discovered they were only for purchase for fundraising or at stores in Michigan only. I am so happy that Kalamazoo finally has a site where I can purchase my own and have it shipped to me in Tampa Florida. YAY! Thanks so much! :)

Smells amazing

This really smells like yummy coffee-makes the house smell wonderful


This smells amazing in the jar. Not sure why when I light it my home does not smell the way the candle does. I can barely smell the candle at all and I have to go in the kitchen to see if it is still burning. Bummer of a candle for me!! Would not buy again.


i attended this class for my friends bridal shower and it was so much fun! we loved getting a tour of the shop and seeing how it's all made and how the business all started! i was able to smell all the scents/fragrances and mix up whatever i wanted to make my own personal candle... I even got to name it whatever i wanted! (i mixed Smitten & Obsidian :) smells amazing!) i am definitely planning to come back with my mom and sister! i recommend attending a class!! :)

Thanks for your review, Jaila! We had so much fun helping you all celebrate M's big day :)
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Vanilla Latte

Breathe in the warm air as you wrap your hands around a steaming mug of coffee and vanilla cream. Roasted Jamaican coffee beans swirl with vanilla bean and a splash of cream for an indulgent blend that will both stimulate your mind and warm your senses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Smells amazing

This really smells like yummy coffee-makes the house smell wonderful

Coffee Shop in Your Very Own Home!

This candle has a powerful punch of coffee house aroma! I love lighting this on fall and winter days when it's dreary. It fills up a room very nicely with the warmth and smell of a top notch latte!

A yummy delight!

This is the most delicious creamy sweet scent. I like that fact that it is heavy on the sweet vanilla cream and easy on the coffee, but you still get it. After burning for only 2 hours the scent filled my house and the scent hung there overnight and the next day!!!! I placed the unlit candle in my bedroom with the lid off and it scented my entire room for 2 days (then I put the lid on).
The burn was great (8 out of 10) and the throw was amazing (12 out of 10- no joke!)
Glad I found you at The Vintage Market! I will be purchasing more!!! THANK YOU for such a great product!!! :-D


This really does a good job at permeating your whole area where the candle is burned! Smells amazing.

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