Salted Grapefruit Candle: 10oz Jar

Awaken your senses in the dappled sunlight of a warm summer morning with a bowl of tart pink grapefruit drizzled with honey and sprinkled with a dash of sea salt. Lively citrus notes shimmer in this candle will brighten your home and lift your spirits.

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This is my all-time favorite candle

The review title says it all - this is my all-time favorite candle scent (and I have a LOT of candles). I love citrus scents, and this one is super citrusy and fresh. The salted note adds just enough to make it interesting and unique. It’s perfect.

Thank you very much for your review, Cori! We are very happy to hear you are enjoying your Salted Grapefruit candle.

The Fragrance is very stationary in a room

The fragrance smells great, however you can only really smell it if you are close to the candle. I used it in my bedroom which is small, but unless I am hovering over it, I can't smell it at all (bars). Maybe the bath and body works candles' strong scents has altered my candle smelling ability? I noticed I could smell it faintly when I had my ceiling fan turned on.

TL;DR: smells great, but the scent doesn't travel far from around the candle imho.

Hi Lori! Our candles are designed to compliment a room rather than overpower it. The size of the room and how long you burn the candle are definitely factors as well. Try burning it for at least 2-3 hours (or until a full melt pool has formed across the top of your candle) to see if you can get better performance from your candle! It sounds like you are burning it in a small area, which is another recommendation we would suggest.


Great smelling


Love the product!

Thank you for your review, Linda! We are so happy to hear you are enjoying your Salted Grapefruit candle.

Super Gift

This will be an awesome gift for friends who relocated.

Thank you for your review, Melanie! We hope your friends enjoy their candle.