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Customized Candles!

Melanie was so great to work with. Customization was so easy! Thank you!

Favorite Scent

Bought one a while back and had to replace it. Bought nine, so I would always have them, for the Man Cave!

This & That

The smell of this candle has a lot of different scents but is not over powering. I love it!

Beautiful scent

It's fruity and flowery in a more subtle way, with the vanilla making it super cozy for cold days. Definitely one of my favorites!

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Hear what our amazing customers have to say about Kalamazoo Candle Company candles!
Based on 171 reviews


Customized Candles!

Melanie was so great to work with. Customization was so easy! Thank you!

Favorite Scent

Bought one a while back and had to replace it. Bought nine, so I would always have them, for the Man Cave!

This & That

The smell of this candle has a lot of different scents but is not over powering. I love it!

Beautiful scent

It's fruity and flowery in a more subtle way, with the vanilla making it super cozy for cold days. Definitely one of my favorites!


There are not enough stars to let you know how much I LOVE this new candle!! Will definitely be burning this one all Winter long!!


Hearth & Home: 10oz Jar Candle

Candle review

Love the look of the candles and they all smell so good! Not too overpowering, which I love!

Candles were for a gift for an advisory council.

Everyone seemed very pleased with the candles.

Gift Bundle
Favorite Candle!

It's worth every penny, I love this scent! This is my signature "Home" smell.

Keep it up

You guys are doinh amazing! My mother and i were in there today for the freeflow class and i was more then impressed, very orginized, clean, friendly shop your running, it was easy to follow the given instructions and adam does an amazing job getting to everyone and helping everyone. The candles are well worth every penny, very reasonably priced and smell AMAZING! ive already recommend you to several people and we are planning a private class, kalamazoo candle in my opinon is better then yankee candle and is priced way more reasonably too!

Great dad daughter date idea!

I brought my 5 and 7 year olds in to make candles and we had such a great time! What a fun way to create gifts for loved ones and create memories that will stay with my daughters and I forever. Thanks for the great time and great gifts we created!

Trimming the wick!

What a great way to trim the wick on the candles, attractive enough to leave out!! Thanks


I was skeptical of this when I first read the description, but as soon as I smelled it I fell in love with it. I've burned almost halfway through the jar I received in October's illuminate crate so I'll be buying more soon.

Hearth & Home

This is my new favorite! Such a warm feel good scent, I could burn this every day and not get tired of it. You get a sense of peace when you smell this candle. I highly recommend!

Gift Bundle
Great gift!

Easy to order and delivered quickly to NYC. Thanks!

Men at Work: 6.5oz Tin Candle
GREAT Candles from Kalamazoo Candle Co.

Of all the candles that I have had from Kalamazoo Candle Co., not one have I disliked. Great scents are continually being poured. Have already given away one of the Men at Work purchased on my last visit to the Store ten day ago. Kudos to the scent creators, keep up the good work. Will surely be returning. Thanks for being here in Kalamazoo.


Caramel Pecan Pie: 6.5oz Tin Candle


White Tea & Ginger: 10oz Jar Candle


Thank you for speedy shipping to Colorado where I am giving this candle as a gift to a transplant Broncos fan from the Zoo.


I have always enjoyed your candles, and not just the scents, but also the packaging and the "names." This Campfire candle is destined for a Christmas gift, as are several others. Thanks!


Smitten: 6.5oz Tin Candle

Great smell and container

I love the containers for this size and like other scents, this one smells great and isn't too potent.

Perfect Fall Candle

Bought this for myself initially, but my boyfriend loved it so much I ended up ordering two more. Great fall candle, subtle and sophisticated, not overwhelming.

Pumpkin Patch: 10oz Jar Candle
Perfect fall scent!

This is my absolute favorite fall pumpkin scent but you really can't go wrong with any of Kalamazoo Candle Company's scents!

Awesome fragrance

I love the fragrance of this apple candy a lot. I is a nice fragrance suitable for fall.My home smells so nice with these candles.

Always burning!

I absolutely love this scent! It smells so good, I always have it burning. These make great gifts too!

Best candle ever made!!

I bought a candle to see if my family could handle the scent. We all have allergies and are a little sensitive when it comes to scents. I adore this candle! My throat usually will get sore and swollen after I start burning a candle, but not with this one. And it makes my house smell amazing!!

Delightful Smells in the Whole House!

I recently gave this candle as a gift. When I visited the bearer of the gift a couple days later, she had the candle lit in her front room. I could smell the amazing scent in the adjoining rooms, too!!! It is a great size to make your whole apartment smell delightful!

Holiday Treausre

I just got a Baked Cinnamon candle for the first time not too long ago and I love it. I actually purchased Baked Cinnamon back in the day when they had the multiple melt packs and found that to not be as aromatic. This candle fills a room nicely and reminds you of a cozy holiday gathering.

This & That
Great Concept

This is such a fun candle concept. It’s also a fun way to (hopefully) try out some new scents. I love that this benefits Loaves and Fishes. My this and that candle was Vanilla Latte (my most favorite) and maybe something like Carmel Pecan. Loved it!

Summer Perfection in a Jar

Have you ever wanted to harness the brightness of summer somehow? Kalamazoo Candle beat you to it with Smitten. Mmmhmmm, this an amazing summer scent.

Pumpkin Patch: 10oz Jar Candle
Perfect Fall Scent

I love this candle for fall. It gives your house a warm autumn scent.

Excellent Quality

Call me old school but I much prefer matches over lighters. These matches however are the BEST. Not flimsy at all, in fact the matches themselves and box alone is hand down the best I have had in a long time. Will repurchase and highly recommend.

Favorite fragrance of all time

A friend gave me this candle as a gift and I absolutely adore it! The White Tea & Ginger scent is just so clean and pure. If I could find this scent as a lotion, id be in heaven!

Can we do that again?

Last fall my daughter and I attended one your very first candle making classes...we have enjoyed burning each of our "handmade" candles...justvthe other day she asked if we could do that again...she loved it so much! definately will repeat this!

Best candles ever!

First met you at the Vintage Market at Gull Meadows. So many wonderful smelling candles it was hard for us to pick just one! I fell in love with the white tea and ginger and my daughter fell in love with the vanilla latte. I love the fact that you don't even need to burn the candles, just take the lid off and enjoy the aroma which works great for my desk at work!


Smells amazing and burns so clean!!! Perfect scent to fill your house with for fall!

Hilltop Custom Candles

I am so in love with the candles made for Hilltop Designs! They not only smell Amazing, but the burn quality is 2nd to none! They are gorgeous too! Thank you for such great products!

Spring Rain: 6.5oz Tin Candle
A great reminder of what spring is!

As the seasons change and it becomes darker sooner at night and we move into the cold winter months, this candle is a great reminder of what spring is and why when we need that boost to gets us through winter!

This Gal!

I've Got a Gal - and I've got a favorite! I love this scent so much. It always make my home smell great and I get many compliments. I love these candles and how they burn. I will definitely be getting this scent often and for gifts. Love love love!!

Like Grandma's house in the best way

When I burn this candle, it is like walking into my Grandma's house, which always had the comforting and warm smell of coffee. This candle adds a sweetness to the classic coffee scent that is really enjoyable.

Spring Rain: 6.5oz Tin Candle
Wonderfully springy

At different times this smells like each of my favorite spring flowers: lilac, hyacinth, lilies... I'll use this one when the midwinter blues settle in.

The Bronco Band’s favorite candle

When I learned that there was a candle called “I’ve got a Gal,” I knew I had to try and find it. I knew it’d probably have a nice fruity, clean smell to it, but I didn’t think it’d smell even better! I’m in the marching band at Western, and this is one of my favorite song we play. It also happens to be one of my mom’s favorite songs we play, so I got one for her birthday. She loved it just as much as I do.


The illuminate crate is literally the best thing I have purchased for myself. Each month, I eagerly wait for my box to arrive and I have never been disappointed. Not only are the candles perfectly picked with the season and theme of the box, the extras are such a treat! I am always delighted to see a different extra in each box. Beauty products, food - I have loved every one. I recommend this crate to every one of my friends and I won't unsubscribe anytime soon. Thank you Kalamazoo Candle Company for bringing light into my life!

Phenomenal Candles!!

I LOVE the FALL Candle I got from Hilltop Designs!! It smells SOOOOOOO good and makes me love autumn even more! PLUS, these candles are made with a soy base and burn so clean! I love supporting a local business, especially as the holiday season readily approaches! The packaging is BEAUTIFUL, the quality is AMAZING, and they will make PERFECT gifts!! Kalamazoo Candle Company and Hilltop Designs partnering together has to be one of the great things that have ever happened! I plan to purchase many more candles in the future!

Illuminate Crate

I look forward to receiving my Crate every month. The contents of this package never fail to amaze me. Every month you receive a new, unique scent of candle with superior quality. The Crate candles are just as amazing as the single candles you can buy from the company. They have a long lasting scent that burn cleanly and evenly. I will never burn another candle in my house. I also admire how the Kalamazoo candle company supports local businesses by including a trial of their products in the box. I would recommend this Crate to anyone who is as addicted to these candles as I am, or simply anyone who loves candles. This monthly illumination Crate never lets me down!

So many great things!

I love the Grab Bags that I recently purchased from this company! Such a fun idea to have those surprises and hello it had free shipping! Now I can enjoy these candles for myself and gift a few to friends. Plus, they smell amazing! Happy to support this growing small business in Michigan!

Plus, the recycle lid program is so wonderful and the create your own candle classes make me wish I was a local.


I loved your fall candles at gull meadow farm. The quality of your candles are amazing!

Spring Rain: 10oz Jar Candle
Rain on me

Love this refreshing and light scent anytime of the year. This smells so clean someone could not shower for a few days and walk right past the lit candle; one would guess you just stepped out of the springs themselves! Ok. Don't try this at home. In all seriousness-- this scent is wonderful for many!!

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