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totally fun idea for a candle. surprise! never know what you’re gonna get.

Sometimes LEFTOVERS are better than the original

I bought some Leftovers candles for birthday gifts to give to family and they are a huge hit and everyone’s homes are smelling like a big serving of love (and leftovers!)

Freshness in a Jar

I love my arboretum candle! Winter may be coming, plants will die, but there's an arboretum in here!

Hi Dana! Thanks for your great review! We're so happy to hear you're enjoying your Arboretum candle! :)
Spiced Gingerbread

Love the candle

Thanks for the great review, Karen! We're so happy to hear that you love our Spiced Gingerbread candle!

Balsam & Cedar: 10oz Jar Candle


Smells great & last a long time (:

Thanks for the great review, Brieanna! Glad to hear you are enjoying Lavender! :)

One of my favorite ones yet!!

Hi Cecelia! We are so glad to hear you are loving your Pumpkin & Fig candle :) Thanks for the review!
Favorite candle

I love this fragrance! Not too sweet but the right amount of fall fragrance for your home. Love love love these candles. You just can’t go wrong with any of them.

Thanks for the great review, Ashley! We love hearing what people's favorites are and Arboretum is definitely one of the top fan favorites! :)
Staple every fall 🍁

I have to buy this every year when we get the first sign of fall!!!!

Hi Barb! We are so glad to hear how much you love the Pumpkin Patch candle :) Thanks for the great review!

Love these candles!

Love it!

Awesome scent, fills the room nicely

Love this!

One of my favs! Fresh and clean scent!

Great fall smell!!

Deliciously sweet and minty

I love this scent so much, it makes me nostalgic about Christmas as a child. But I love it so much that I’ll use it any time of the year.

My favorite!

I love this scent! I am smitten with it! It’s my favorite Kalamazoo Candle!

Obsiidian and lemongrass candles...are wonderful...!!!!

love it!!!! good quality and great aroma....soft, earthy peaceful!

Fond memories

While some people may buy this candle due to the name, they will keep buying it due to the amazing smell!

Good buy!

Smells so good! Got it as a gift before and was so sad I didnt buy myself one! Almost didnt give it away!

Fall Favorite

This candle smells like a Michigan Fall to me. It is so magical and makes me very happy every time I light it!
It's the perfect scent for getting warm and cozy with a book on a rainy fall day!

❤️ Obsidian

Obsidian has to be my favorite candle scent of all time. Lit or not, the wonderful aroma just makes me smile.

Must Have

By far my favorite candle! You won’t be able to stop lighting this candle with its perfect combination of floral, citrus, and vanilla.

Inhale the good...

This candle is BY FAR one of my favorite scents in candle making history. Somehow they got the citrusy scent to pair with a cedar scent perfectly. It’s a good thing my favorite scented candle is others as well because I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get this scent year round!

Favorite Scent

All of these candles are so beautiful, it’s hard to say I have one favorite. But if I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one scent with me, this is it. It’s light, but distinguished. It’s clean, yet earthy. And it can flow with any mood or season. I always buy this one in multiples.

Amazing smell!

This scent is absolute perfection for fall and winter or any time of year that you want to feel cozy. I love this candle company because their candles burn so clean and they last longer than any other brand I have tried. Their scents just can’t be beat!

Best scent ever!

Smitten is one of my favorite Kalamazoo candles! I love the scent and it’s name is the best. I love out of state and love to have a piece of home and Michigan with me. I am smitten with the mitten!