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We LOVE supporting wonderful nonprofit organizations, whether it be sharing our candles for silent auctions, partnering with organizations for more traditional fundraising efforts (like below), or in various other ways.  We love exploring new creative ideas that will help your organization grow.  (Do you have an idea?  Let us know!)

Kalamazoo Candle Company can help your school, club, or nonprofit raise funds! We've made your next fundraiser incredibly simple. We know there are a lot of really bad fundraisers out there... so we want to make it easy for your organization to make the money it needs.  That's why  your organization will receive 50% of all sales

What We Offer

Let's make fundraising really, really easy.  For you, this means no paper forms to keep up with.  No tracking sales.  And no organizing pickup days.  You would just send people to our website, where they enter your unique program code (which we provide), and BOOM: your organization receives 50% of the sale. We then ship directly to the customer, with no wait!


We want to make this a success for YOU! Email us to get the ball rolling today.  Let's do the math:





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