White Tea & Ginger Candles

Calming white tea, earthy ginger, bright yuzu, and delicate floral notes quiet your mind and soothe your senses.

Smells like: Peace and renewal

Fragrance notes: White Tea, Florals, Musk

All Kalamazoo Candles are:
  • 100% natural scented soy wax
  • Produced using locally sourced and American-made materials
  • Crafted from clean, high-quality, and sustainable ingredients
  • Hand-poured into reusable and recyclable vessels
  • California Proposition 65 compliant, free of all harmful chemicals listed
  • Made to order in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

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Customer Reviews

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Smells Like Heaven

It has a euphoric, peaceful, heavenly essense of a scent. It's truly the best one I've ever bought out of the brand, and really a favorite period. The scent lingers, and can burn for hours. It also smells even without being lit within a short proximity. All in all, I love it. This will be a staple.

Do you have Mint Del Soul

Do you have Mint Del soul

I love love love the white tea and ginger

I love the white tea and ginger. It’s my favorite. I like a stronger smelling candle. The others are much milder for those who like a softer smelling candle. They all smell really good though and burn really well. The other two I ordered were Eucalyptus and Sandalwood. Shipping was fast.

Jack Dreyer
Sweet Flames

If you want to enjoy soft, sweet flame of a candle Kalamazoo Candle has to be your choice.

Daniel J VanPeenen
Lovely scent and good quality

Lovely scent and good quality

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