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Kalamazoo Candle Company

LOVE love my candles...happy I bought a lot of them. LOVE Spring Rain ALOT!!!♡♡ Glad I got a couple of them!! Giving my Mom "a dozen of Roses, My late Dad Loved Roses and so does my Mom!! Thanks again to ALL OF YOU♡ EXCELLENT CANDLES!!!

Kzoo Candle Crate

I am excited to receive these every month. Each candle has been a great scent. Vanilla Latte is one of my new favorites. I love giving Kalamazoo Candles as gifts but it is difficult to give any away unless I buy several in the same scent so I can keep one too.

Lemongrass: a favorite scent

I love all the Kalamazoo Candle scents, but have a special place in my heart for lemongrass. It's a great scent to burn in the spring and summer months.


illuminate Crate

Vanilla Latte is a winner.

The scent of this candle would appeal to anyone. Kalamazoo Candle company never disappoints.

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KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - All this month, we are putting the spotlight on people who have turned their passions into careers.

Jessica Wheeler introduced us to a man who took something from a Google search to a full time job.

Adam McFarlin and his team are busy getting ready for the holiday rush in their Park Trades Shop.

This hasn't always been McFarlin's full time job.

"Whenever I get bored I tend to like to learn how to do new things and I did a search online things I could go ahead and make, and found candle making," he said.

That Google search led him to some experimenting with different types of candles, and Kalamazoo Candle Company was born.

"I call it a happy accident because all along the way everything we've done I'm so fortunate that people enjoy what we're making here at Kalamazoo Candle Company," said McFarlin.

His company has quickly grown; he sold his candles in just four stores the first year in 2013, but now?

"Last year we had 30 stores around Michigan, and now we have 70 plus stores in five states," McFarlin said.

Now he employs multiple people and sells 25 different fragrances--many with a Kalamazoo connection.

"Our most popular candle fragrance in the Kalamazoo area is obviously 'I've Got a Gal,' named after the song. Outside of the Kalamazoo area, our most popular fragrance is 'Smitten.'" McFarlin said.

Each tin is poured by hand, and has a picture of a historic scene from the city.

"Why wouldn't I celebrate the history of Kalamazoo on each one," McFarlin said. "I had no idea that this would be the business that it is today. I honestly thought it would be a fun hobby to do in my free time."

McFarlin encourages anyone with a passion like his to try something new.

"I'm really fortunate that people enjoy what I make and I would encourage anyone that has a hobby to go for it. Take the wild leap. Be a little crazy, put yourself out there because you never know," he said.

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