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Customized Candles!

Melanie was so great to work with. Customization was so easy! Thank you!

Favorite Scent

Bought one a while back and had to replace it. Bought nine, so I would always have them, for the Man Cave!

This & That

The smell of this candle has a lot of different scents but is not over powering. I love it!

Beautiful scent

It's fruity and flowery in a more subtle way, with the vanilla making it super cozy for cold days. Definitely one of my favorites!

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Don’t know about you, but it seems like EVERYONE we know is jet-setting to someplace warm and wonderful.  Our Facebook feed is blowing up with #vacayvibes.  Ok, friends, we get it: Paradise is treating you well.  The mai tai’s are flowing.  The luau was a blast.  The snorkeling is divine.  The hike up Diamondhead was tough but rewarding.  The whales loved the catamaran as much as you did.   And here we are on the 42nd parallel, sipping our hot cocoa and enjoying all those #vacayvibes vicariously through the wonderful world of social media.  Happy for you all, yes.  But a little jealous, too. 

So what’s the next-best thing?  

A candle that smells like paradise?  Yep.  We thought so too.  That’s why we’re so excited to launch our newest fragrance!  

Candle lovers, meet Obsidian.  

Obsidian is a refreshing change of pace from our other fragrances, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  Obsidian, named after the stunning black volcanic glass, smells nothing like an actual volcano (you’re quite welcome). Instead, you'll smell tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes balanced by notes of exotic mountain greens.  So yeah… if you’re enjoying paradise through your Instagram feed (like we are), Obsidian will be a welcome addition to your home, regardless of where that may be.

One whiff of Obsidian will transport you to paradise, guaranteed.  But this fragrance smells SO good that it will leave you wondering why it took us so long to bottle up paradise and bring it to you.   Excellent question.  

Why did it take us so long?

One word: quality.  For those of you who know Kalamazoo Candle Company, you know that we’re sticklers for quality and consistency.   That’s why we’ve developed a rigorous testing process for all new fragrances to ensure that we’re bringing you the best candles we possibly can.  Throughout the process, we'll make some terrible candles.  Some are so bad that we never take a match to the wick.  Most of them, however, are okay, but not something we’d ask you to put in your home.  

Occasionally, though, we hit the sensory jackpot with a new fragrance.  And then begins the test-burn process, throughout which we put these candles through the wringer.  We burn them exactly how they should be burned (read more about that here ), but we also burn them how they shouldn’t be burned.

In our last post , we outlined the proper way to burn a candle.   Spoiler alert : most of you will not follow our instructions.   So we try to burn candles the way we imagine our customers might be burning them.  We burn them for 30 minutes at a time (FYI, that’s a no-no).  We burn them for the recommended times (per  our last post).  We burn them near an open window ( not recommended).  We burn them with the windows closed.  We burn them with varying ratios of fragrance oil to wax.  We burn them using different sizes of wicks. 

Pictured below: we're testing 3 different wicks in our Smitten fragrance.
(Notice the difference in the flames on the 3 candles...)

LH wick: too weak (uneven burn, unmelted wax around the edge)
RH wick: too strong (giant flame [yikes!], extremely deep pool of melted wax)
Center wick: juuuust right (perfect flame, even burn)

  This test has been affectionately dubbed "Are you a good wick or a bad wick?"

Why the rigorous testing?  

First and foremost, we want to ensure that our candles are safe.  We also want our candles to throw just the right amount of fragrance.  We want them to burn evenly, cleanly, and for as long as possible.  And after 3 months of testing, we end up with a fragrance that we love, infused in a candle that we’re confident you’ll love as well.

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