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Love the aroma.

Joseph, thanks for the review on Balsam & Cedar!
Carmel Pecan pie

Love the smell of this candle and everytime someone walked in my house they would ask what's that smell it's amazing

A fragrance so delicious you could eat it! That's what we like to hear. ;)
Kalamazoo Candle STILL GREAT

We have been purchasing these candles for the last 5 - 6 years and they have always been of the highest quality and they are still the great candles. We would recommend for anyone.

Jack, thanks so much for your support since day 1! It's people like you who have made us into what we are today. :)

I love Kalamazoo. I love this company. The store itself is great and you can even make your own! I love that the products are as natural as can be and the company is focused on sustainability. I love the scents! Balsam & Cedar is my all time favorite. I ordered three this holiday season online. (Not my first purchase from them) I received them in ONE day. Sadly, one of the glass jars was broken en route. I messaged them and they responded immediately. Apologized and sent me a new one! Best customer service ever! I am not affiliated with them, they did not give me anything to write this. I am just one happy customer :)

Holy smokes, Erica, you just BLEW us away with that review! Thank you so much for sharing your love for Kalamazoo Candle Company; we love to hear how we're doing and appreciate it so much! :)

Love the candles! Arrived quickly and when I called to say one broke in shipping I was greeted with a friendly voice on the phone and they shipped me a replacement right away! Will definitely continue to use Kalamazoo Candle! This was also a fundraiser for my nephew's sailing team!!

We're happy to be able to replace your broken candle and to hear that you enjoy them! Thank you for supporting your nephew's fundraiser, too! :)
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Yesterday we posted the following image/caption on Facebook:

2 Truths and a Lie: 

  1. Orders placed by noon will ship that same day.
  2. Every Kalamazoo Candle parcel is tied with an adorable buffalo plaid ribbon when it delivers to your doorstep.
  3. Our packing peanuts are edible.

...Which statement is false? (Find out tomorrow!)


The "lie" in that post is #2. 

Yep, the false statement is that each Kalamazoo Candle parcel wears a buffalo plaid ribbon when it shows up on your doorstep.

As awesome as that would be, we think it's wiser to invest our time and energy on more important things.  Like ensuring same-day delivery on orders placed before noon, or sourcing sustainable materials whenever possible...


... which brings us to the third item in yesterday's post: 

Our packing peanuts. 

Not only are we mindful of what goes into our candles, but we make a point to use environmentally-conscious packing/shipping materials as well. 

Our packing peanuts, which are made from organic starch, are technically made from edible ingredients (although we do NOT recommend eating them).  Our starch-based packing peanuts are biodegradable; they'll decompose in water, leaving zero toxic waste.  Awesome!


Oh, and we'll say it one more time:
don't actually eat the packing peanuts.

Although our packing peanuts are made from biodegradable (and technically edible) materials, we do NOT recommend eating them.  Might we suggest noshing on something awesome & healthy instead?  Fresh fruit or veggies, perhaps?

And speaking of fresh fruit, let's continue our Earth Day celebrations witha shout out to Golden Pineapple!  If you haven't tried this fragrance yet, you need to

A little bit of earthy and a whole lot of sweet,  Golden Pineapple is a curiously complex fusion of pineapple, orange, blackcurrant, spruce, cedar, and patchouli, creamy tonka bean and delicate musk.  The perfect scent to spark creativity and inspire adventure.

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