What's Actually In Your Candle?

What's Actually In Your Candle?

You know when you go to the store and buy a new candle and you cannot wait to get home to try it out? You clean your space, light that candle, and life is good.

But then, when you blow it out, half of the candle has already melted away and disappeared! Yeah, we hate when that happens too. Commitment to quality should start at the foundation, which is why Kalamazoo Candle Company uses only pure soy wax for our candle base. Here are our reasons why:

A Longer Burn

Most candles have a paraffin wax base, which is made from saturated hydrocarbons. Paraffin wax has many uses, particularly in the cosmetics industry, and can be helpful for softening rough patches of skin. Remember those late-night infomercials for those home wax hand spas?

That’s paraffin!

Although a wax derived from saturated hydrocarbons can be great for softening your dry heels, when burned in a candle, it breaks down much faster, meaning you’re getting that much less bang for your candle buck (which is a bummer for your wallet).

Call us crazy, but we believe you should be able to enjoy your candle for longer than just an afternoon. The composition of soy wax is a good deal denser than paraffin wax, meaning it takes longer for it to heat up and melt. A slower burn time means a longer enjoyment time for you!

A Cleaner Burn

Now, there is much debate over soy versus paraffin when it comes to air quality. It’s important to remember that the waxes themselves aren’t necessarily the biggest problem with your candle, but rather the processes used to make the product as a whole. Some candle companies add dyes or toxins to their candles to make the scent stronger or give the product a bright, fun color. The problem comes when these chemicals are heated and now in the air of your home and your lungs. Some people have reported their burning candles gave them headaches, nausea, or even an uptick in allergy symptoms… yeah, no thank you.

(The pollen outside is more than enough, thank you very much)

Even though we know how tempting it is to stock up on those clearance candles when you’re strolling through Marshalls or Home Goods, take a moment and read the ingredients first. If they sound like toxic chemicals you might not want to breathe in… they probably are!

Here at Kalamazoo Candle Co. we are devoted to creating a sensory experience that is both budget-friendly AND healthy. The way we see it, if you’re going to be spending your hard-earned dollars on home decor, you should be confident in the quality you’re getting!